Branded Workwear

Regardless of the industry your business operates in, Branded Workwear lends itself to you and its application has a number of positive effects.

Company Image

Having your team in branded uniform will portray a professional impression of your business and increase its reputation. Having all staff in the same or co-ordinated attire will enhance the trust and relationship between you and your current and potential Clients

Corporate identity

If clients interact with your staff, having your logo on their work wear generates immediate trust and helps to breakdown any barriers that may have existed.

In other situations,  branded work wear can be beneficial in terms of safety.  The branded uniform makes your staff easily identifiable quickly and branded Hi-Visibility clothing keeps your staff safe by standing out.


Branded work wear is an exceptionally affordable and effective form of marketing and advertising.  Having staff wear the branded uniform for the duration of their working day ( or shift)  gives everyone they come into contact with and who sees them, whether within the premises or out  and about, a view of your brand.

Staff Moral

Supplying uniform to staff, specifically branded uniform,  is proven to help with staff retention,  and commitment.  Staff are relieved of the cost of providing their own work wear or unbranded uniform, increase their personal moral, the team moral and gives sense of pride of working for your company.